There are only an elite band of car brands that have managed to consistently achieve that fusion of elegance and high-performance over the years. One of those is undoubtedly Bentley, a vehicle manufacturer that continues to lead the way in luxury car-making. Perhaps the biggest compliment that can be paid to this brand is the fact that its parent company, Volkswagen AG, established it as the direct successor of Rolls-Royce Motors, which it purchased in 1998. This company has invested millions in producing a range of high-performance luxury cars that are among the most desirable on the market. Long renowned for their splendour, the launch of the Continental model saw the brand elevated to new heights in terms of raw power. Owners and enthusiasts thinking of investing in one of their cars can already expect a phenomenal level of performance, but believe it or not this can be enhanced further with Bentley remapping from GAD Tuning. Our bespoke Bentley vehicle tuning service has demonstrated a proven ability to boost output from the precision engines on their flagship models.

Bentley Vehicle Tuning Service

Bentley is without doubt one of the brands our ECU remapping software is most suited to and this has resulted in some astonishing performance improvements. The bespoke Bentley remapping software developed for the V8 twin turbo engine and the W12 twin turbo has seen the Continental GT produce an extra 75 BHP and 100 NM of torque, for example. With our latest development programme complete on the Continental GT V8 and V8S models show that VW/Audi Group (VAG) have made a huge leap forward with engine technology! Showing that the 500bhp V8 and 521bhp V8S have massive scope for tuning potential due to massive restrictions, what this translates to is gains of 180bhp and 240nm of torque over standard management. This is helped with massive intercoolers as standard and huge software restrictions on the vehicle. We are also the only tuning company who have contracts with main dealers and can offer our tuning services through main dealer Bentley. This doesn’t stop here as we can offer full exhaust upgrades which can take gains even further. As you can see, the cars manufactured by this great brand really are tailor-made for Bentley remapping so why not see what our bespoke vehicle tuning service can do for yours?

What are the benefits of Bentley remapping?

If you’re intrigued about the possibility of extracting even more output from your engine, you should consider the merits of remapping from GAD Tuning. With our Bentley ECU remapping service, you can help the engine on your car find that extra gear and deliver increased performance that takes the driving experience to the next level. At GAD Tuning all our bespoke ECU remapping software is written by our in-house development team, who have gained substantial industry recognition for their ability to push vehicle performance boundaries. That being said, we also pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity so you can rest assured that our Bentley remapping will only be utilised within the parameters that your vehicle’s hardware can handle. Our level of service is enhanced further with our award winning warranty and backing that is larger than any other mapping company in the UK and Europe. To discover how Bentley remapping could boost the performance of your car, get in touch with one of our specialists today.

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