Audi TDI Diesel ECU Remapping
Germany has certainly left its mark on the automotive industry and for good reason. Audi is just one of the ‘German Big 3’ that makes luxury and high performance vehicles. Since the company’s inception in 1932, the brand has gone on to become one of the most critically acclaimed automakers in the world. These cars are famous for their efficiency, performance and overall quality and have therefore become an object of desire for auto-lovers all over the world.

As experts in motor sports, Audi attitudes and approach to performance are the same for both their commercial and racing vehicles. Their German engineering prowess has lead the brand to create award-winning cars in both of the racing and commercial sectors. However, it isn’t just the sheer internal power of these vehicles which attracts buyers. Audi are proud of designing cars that ooze style and finesse. Each model represents luxury, elegance and character.

This company has earned its place as a member of the ‘German Big 3’ due to a balanced combination of exceptional build quality and beautiful aesthetics. Nevertheless, if you’re an Audi owner then you may be interested in getting even more out of your vehicle by investing in Audi ECU remapping.

Audi Vehicle Tuning Services

Every vehicle is an incredibly powerful machine, no matter whether it’s the R8 Spyder or the A4 Allroad. These cars are optimised for consistently high levels of performance to provide a thrilling and exhilarating driving experience for their owners. The motor sport mentality is traceable in every design. However, using Audi vehicle tuning services could mean unlocking the core of your vehicle’s true performance quality.

GAD Tuning can provide vehicle tuning services that are fully bespoke to every vehicle. We can offer full Audi ECU remapping no matter what the model. We can also offer services such as EGR Disable, DPF Removal, Launch Control and Anti Lag software upgrades for many VAG Group vehicles. GAD has full VCDS diagnostics to activate factory setting and upgrades such as auto locking cruise control. Whether it’s engine remapping or one of our more specified services, GAD Tuning can guarantee overall enhanced performance from your vehicle.

What Can I find Audi Engine Remapping Services?

GAD are a company founded in 2009, providing bespoke Audi ECU remapping software and services for a wide range of different motor sport clients. As the company has progressed throughout the years, the client base has rapidly expanded to include a variety of different vehicle brands and models. With an extensive range of services and expertise, GAD now provide ECU remaps and advanced engine management all over the world. Remapping is a powerful and diverse product that has the ability to revolutionise the power and economy of your vehicle. With plenty of experience in motor sports, you can rest assured that GAD remapping services are some of the best available.

GAD Tuning works alongside many Audi dealers in order to provide existing clients with as much performance and economy gain as possible. However, GAD Tuning can ensure the protection and security of your car during the remapping process through a dealer, as your vehicle will be fully covered by warranty and insurance. For clients seeking a more bespoke service, ‘in house’ services can also be provided to obtain more personalised ECU remapping results. For more information on our Audi vehicle tuning services, contact one of our experts today.

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