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Bespoke ECU Remapping

GAD Tuning – Award Winners 2012

GAD was founded in 2009 where we developed bespoke ECU Remapping software for motorsport clients. Moving forward we still cater for our motorsport clients, however our services are required by a greater number of clients so we have branched out, now providing bespoke ECU remaps and engine management software all over the world to all sorts of clients from Main Dealerships such as AUDI, BMW, MERCEDES and PORSCHE all the way through to major fleet operators to reduce C02 and increase MPG.

Remapping is such a diverse product with the power and knowledge behind it can make huge difference to both performance and economy. GAD Tuning have extensive knowledge of both ECU’s (remaps) and vehicle electronics (physical hardware), with main dealer and motorsport experience under our belts you can be sure you have the highest level of skill and attention to detail working for you. With our IN HOUSE SPECIALIST DEVELOPMENT we can make dreams happen with limitless values. Your dream car could be born with help from GAD Tuning. Many remapping companies are dealers of much larger company’s however GAD are Developers and NOT DEALERS we have all licensees and quantifications to not only modify “maps” but develop and perform commands that may not otherwise be possible when visiting other companies.

Exceptional Care and Attention

Exceeding Standards

Approved Status GAD Are one of a very small group whom provide specialist software to main dealerships across the uk

Simply Specialists GAD are Developers NOT dealers. We have specialist development hardware and software to supply the remapping industry.

GAD Dealer Network Apart from supplying the remapping industry GAD also have a strong dealer network that serves the UK and Europe.

Award Winning GAD with great pride have won Cambridgeshire’s prestigious TECH business award for 2012

Team Work On board the GAD ship we have over 25 Years of automotive experience from Motorsport to electronics, allowing us to bring you the best possible customer service and products

Motorsport GAD Tuning motorsport run x2 brit cars for brunswick motorsport both running UK and Europe cups

Peace of mind

Reliability We have state of the art bespoke equipment to eradicate the risk of failure. And use tested techniques.

High Quality The equipment used is the most advanced of its kind within the remapping industry.

Exclusivity We provide cutting edge technology that competitors cannot match.

Results We give provable results and figures.

Honesty and if we can’t improve your vehicle we won’t agree to do the job.

Accuracy Our re-maps are custom written by our own in house experts with experience in motorsport and development.

Guarantee We guarantee results with our 100% refund policy.