GAD Tuning

Bespoke ECU Remapping

VF-Engineering systems are bolt on Supercharger systems which come as a whole package to drastically increase horse power and torque output from large N/A engines. VF-Engineering use two fundamental systems depending on there application which is firstly the roots style supercharger and the newer Vortech V3 which is far more compact.

Quicksilver Exhausts

The most popular range of systems catering for modern cars enhancing their sound and overall performance. QuickSilver offer a choice of sound for many vehicle models to allow the enthusiast driver to personalise the experience.


Every component of an Akrapovič exhaust is carefully designed and constructed by a highly skilled multidisciplinary team of industrial designers, engineers, and architects; they meet challenges every day, combining a technical solution with an attractive, modern, and state-of-the-art design

IWS Development

Using exotic materials such as Inconel and Titanium means that we can offer not only the best in sound architecture but also the lowest weights and strongest outcomes. Using the likes of Inconel used by Formula 1 teams means massive weight savings due to the materials not needing to be as thick gauge but deals with the temperature far more efficiently and doesn't compromise reliability.