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Gad Tuning's very own Mercedes AMG GTS being tuned on our rolling road in essex. Stage 1 stage 2 stage 3 tuning

GAD Tuning, where the roar of engines meets the art of remapping. Step into our world where horsepower becomes an obsession, and every curve of the road is a canvas for performance perfection. As connoisseurs of automotive excellence, we specialize in unlocking the untapped potential of luxury and sports vehicles, turning dreams of speed and power into exhilarating realities.

At GAD Tuning, we don't just tweak engines; we sculpt them into masterpieces of performance. Our dedication to precision tuning and cutting-edge technology ensures that every vehicle that leaves our workshop embodies the epitome of driving exhilaration.

But we don't stop at mere remapping - we capture the essence of automotive prowess through our blog videographs. From the sleek lines of a luxury sedan to the raw power of a high-performance sports car, our videographs encapsulate the heart and soul of each vehicle we touch. Join us on a journey where innovation meets adrenaline, and experience the thrill of automotive remapping like never before.

Vlog Ep.10 - Stage 1 C63s AMG - Glowing Turbos

This week is a special dedicated to the Mercedes C63s AMG Now running our Stage 1 software calibration

OEM - 503bhp and 700nm
Real - 503bhp and 773nm
Stage 1 - 583bhp and 863nm


Vlog Ep.9 - AMG GTR Special!!! Stage 2 with Eventuri and Downpipes

This week is a special dedicated to the Mercedes AMG GTR now running our Stage 2 package with Renntech BOV adapters, 200 Cell sports cat downpipes and Eventuri Carbon fibre intake

OEM - 577bhp and 700nm
Real - 575bhp and 794nm
Stock with Eventuri - 597bhp and 817nm
Stage 1 - 653bhp and 894nm
Stage 2 - 692bhp and 901nm


Vlog Ep.8 - INSANE BRDC Track day... Silverstone MADNESS!

Insane BRDC Silverstone track day

Clients cars:
Huracan EVO
and McLaren 570s


Vlog Ep.7 - Waiting Room and workshop walkaround!

A little walk around GAD HQ to show our workshop and waiting area

Hear a Screaming Aventador. AMG GT Blackseries. M2 Competition almost complete


Vlog Ep.6 - BMC Airfilter Experiment!

Today we take an indepth look at the performance of BMC Airfilters, the results might surprise you!

Audi RS6
Stage 1 - 686bhp and 952nm

Stage 2 - 612bhp and 927nm


Vlog Ep.5 - Poorly C63 Fixed!

Today we take this poorly C63 AMG and get it running 100% as it should.

Audi RS6
Stage 1 - 686bhp and 952nm

Stage 2 - 612bhp and 927nm


Vlog Ep.4 - Huracan Special!

Spent the day with the gents at Quicksilver Exhausts and was always great to catch up with those lads

Experience the Huracan EVO on the dyno : Stage 1+ - 652bhp and 629nm


Vlog Ep.3 - James bond is back!

As we near 1000 subscribers, this episode features the Diesel king and 007 in the form of the DBS!!!

On the rollers today we see a BMW X5M50d and a DBS Superleggera


Vlog Ep.2 - AMG Heavy!

Today we experience a bit of track time at Snetterton with Zena and her GTS, Tony with his Blackseries then back to HQ for software and Dyno for a stunning C63 AMG

Experience the AMG GTS and the W204 C63 AMG on the dyno in this weeks episode


GAD Vlog Episode 1

Welcome to our first VLOG - Finding our feet with the filming process and editing so the coming weeks videos will get better as we do

Experience the Mk8 Golf R and the Aston Martin Vantage in this weeks episode