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Andy Meyrick

Andy Meyrick one of GAD Tuning Ltd's first GAD Ambassadors. Andy turns his hand to many motor sport disciplines whether it be Endurance GT3 Bentleys, GT4 AMG's or Prototype Le Mans motorsport applications. His work within motorsport and also being a keen petrol head makes for the perfect partnership.

Seb Morris

Seb Morris became an ambassador for GAD Tuning Ltd through our connections with Andy Meyrick. After Andy introduced us to Seb we quickly gained another partner through the combination of recommendations from other pro drivers and also working directly with Seb on his personal fleet of vehicles. This has become a great relationship.

Tio Ellinas

Tio Ellinas is the Current 2018 Porsche GB Cup winner who also carries the GAD ambassador banner after extensive work carried out on his Mercedes A45 AMG platform. After transforming his road going vehicle he quickly appreciated our capabilities for the “fast road” sector in road going vehicle modifications.

Supercars Of Essex

Supercars of Essex is the only premium free to members club with regular meets and trips abroad to specific motorshows like Geneva and Frunkfurt. GAD Tuning Ltd has been part of the club for over 5 years and have shared clients for the ones who like modifying there supercars and sports cars alike.


Visiontech Automotive and GAD initailly partnered up after they experienced what we could do with a mutual customers T5 Transporter. Since then we have tuned in excess of 40 vehicles for Visiontech with our relationship as strong as ever.

Josh Webster

Josh Webster - the young up and coming star of the motor sport racing world. We first met Josh through multiple development stages during the time he had his BMW F82 M4. Josh having driven in Porsche Supercup cars understands power and performance which is something we worked towards as a brief for his personal road going vehicle.