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Carbon Engine Cleaning

GAD Tuning now offer a Carbon Engine Cleaning service. Carbon cleaning can remove sooty carbon deposits from your engine.

Petrols and diesels produce power by burning fuel, and this creates sooty exhaust gases. Emissions control devices such as catalysts and diesel particulate filters keep the amount of soot which reaches the atmosphere to a minimum, but there is still some which is deposited on components inside the engine and exhaust system.

How does Carbon Cleaning Work?

Carbon is produced due to incomplete combusion in the engine cylinders, and builds up layer upon layer of black, hardened carbon. This affects the smooth running of the engine and causes many other issues in all types of combusion vehicles like passenger cars, HGVs and even tractors to name but a few. Hybrid vehicles also have feature a combuson engine and therefore will incure carbon build-up in those parts. But how exactly does carbon cleaning work within your engine and is it safe for your vehicle?

Our products use cutting-edge HHO engine cleaning technology to solve the problem. Each machine uses electrolysis to split water molecules into the composite elements of oxygen and hydrogen to produce oxyhydrogen or HHO gas. The HHO is fed into the engine through the vehicle’s air intake valve to mix with the air and fuel in the combustion chambers of the engine.

When this mixture ignites the HHO, the combustion is a much higher temperature than the fuel alone. This effectively atomizes the carbon deposits as the engine is idling over the period of 30-40 minutes.

Main benefits of carbon cleaning:

What Vehicles can be Carbon Cleaned?

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