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Bentley Cambridge Main Dealer Approved

Bentley Cambridge Main Dealer Approved Tuning Services

GAD Bentley Cambridge Main Dealer Approved Tuning are proud to announce our working partnership with Bentley Cambridge and Bentley Norwich making us Bentley Cambridge Main Dealer Approved, working with Bentley Cambridge allows us to offer tuning packages through the main dealer which we offer both high performance software and hardware modifications including Quicksilver exhaust systems and K&N performance filter upgrades

700bhp and 1000nm Bentley Continental GTC V8s Stage 1! From GAD Tuning Essex

Bentley Continental GTC V8s Stage 1 Stock - 521bhp and 735nm Stage 1 - 700bhp and 1000nm

Bentley Remapping from GAD Tuning

ECU remapping is a short-term investment built for long-term gain. At GAD Tuning, we specialise in the enhancement of high-end, high-performance brands and models so as to guarantee they are reaching their full potential when you are on the road. Whether it’s a Mercedes, BMW or Audi, or even a Porsche, Ferrari or Bentley, our vehicle tuning service will help maintain the quality of motoring that your vehicle already embodies. That feeling of knowing your engine is running at the pinnacle of its powers is one that is rarely rivaled, and with engine remapping Essex you can guarantee that will be the case every time you set foot in your supercar. What makes us stand out from our competitors? Our in-house team ensure each and every development is tailored specifically to the requirements of your vehicle thanks to our cutting-edge technology. The state-of-the-art communications equipment we have here at GAD Tuning mean that our London ECU remapping services can be carried out to the highest standard. Many companies will simply remove the maps and then install generic software that prevents you from accessing the full benefits ECU remapping Essex can offer, meaning your Lamborghini or Bugatti may never fulfill its full potential.

Special Edition Vehicles

Bentley Remapping Engine ECU Tuning from GAD Tuning

Special edition vehicle normally clients come to us with a request for special edition vehicle we work with the client to see what is required nine times out of ten software will be developed to increase overall performance. Performance parts may also be fitted such as exhaust systems. We have GAD edition vehicles which include BMW M3 – GAD Edition, Porsche Cayenne Turbo S – GAD Edition and the Continental GT3-RS – GAD Edition packages.