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Porsche Remapping from GAD Tuning

ECU remapping is a short-term investment built for long-term gain. At GAD Tuning, we specialise in the enhancement of high-end, high-performance brands and models so as to guarantee they are reaching their full potential when you are on the road. Whether it’s a Mercedes, BMW or Audi, or even a Porsche, Ferrari or Bentley, our vehicle tuning service will help maintain the quality of motoring that your vehicle already embodies. That feeling of knowing your engine is running at the pinnacle of its powers is one that is rarely rivaled, and with engine remapping Essex you can guarantee that will be the case every time you set foot in your supercar. What makes us stand out from our competitors? Our in-house team ensure each and every development is tailored specifically to the requirements of your vehicle thanks to our cutting-edge technology. The state-of-the-art communications equipment we have here at GAD Tuning mean that our London ECU remapping services can be carried out to the highest standard. Many companies will simply remove the maps and then install generic software that prevents you from accessing the full benefits ECU remapping Essex can offer, meaning your Lamborghini or Bugatti may never fulfill its full potential.

GAD Tuning can provide a Porsche vehicle tuning service that offers custom straight through exhaust systems and hybrid turbo upgrades. Alongside custom designed and manufactured charge coolers, you will be able to see your 997 911 Turbo S reach 700 BHP with uncompromised performance and reliability. We can provide upgrades to all models of this brand, from the 993 911, including the 996 911, 997 911, Cayenne, Boxster and the Panamera. Porsche remapping by GAD Tuning can yield up to 80 BHP and 120 NM of torque over the standard management with our bespoke software.

Porsche 718 Boxster S Stage 1 Tune!!! ECU Tuning and Remapping From GAD Tuning

Porsche 718 Boxster S Stage 1 Tune!!! OEM - 345bhp and 420nm Real - 345bhp and 444nm Stage 1 - 406bhp and 543nm